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Discover Your ABSolute Best

Why ABSolute Pilates

Whether you are looking to push yourself to the next level or reintegrate movement back into your life, ABSolute Pilates is the answer. 

From individuals recovering from injury to pre/post natal populations and seniors staying young - ABSolute Pilates serves every body. 


In addition, Karina Banta is a certified Specialist in Pilates Based Education for Neurological Conditions. She has worked closely with individuals diagnosed with MS along with cancer patients experiencing neuropathy while undergoing treatment. Her versatility and proficiency with special populations will enhance every experience. 


It’s time to discover your ABSolute best!

Meet Karina
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Meet Karina 

Certified Pilates Practitioner 

Karina Banta is a Nationally Certified Pilates Teacher. 


A former Broadway performer, she has worked with singers, dancers, actors and athletes looking to enhance their fitness routines. She has also worked alongside physical therapists implementing complimentary rehabilitation modalities.


With over a decade of experience as a Pilates practitioner, Karina has gained a great understanding of anatomy and injuries and is passionate about guiding her clients on their journey to wellness while having fun. 


Her work as a dancer and choreographer allows her to draw from multifaceted forms of creativity to create unique and challenging routines for all, because, Pilates is ABSolutely for everyone! 

National Pilates Certification Program

The purpose of the NPCP is to establish, maintain and promote professional standards, and to award the title of Nationally Certified Pilates Teacher (NCPT) to the comprehensively educated Pilates teacher who has provided evidence that they meet these established professional standards.

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About ABSolute PILATES

Virtual At Home Private Training

Experience Karina’s meticulous personalized attention, from the comfort of your own home. 

Sessions incorporate mat work and props to simulate Pilates apparatus exercises that will stretch, strengthen and lengthen your muscles. 

No props, no problem! Many household items can be used in place of typical pilates props. 

Creativity is half the fun! Each session is tailored to address your needs and goals. 


Pricing: 30 min. $50 / 45 min. $75



I started doing remote Pilates with Karina in March 2020.  I was able to rent a reformer from a local studio that was closed due to the stay-at-home orders and I was amazed at how thorough of a workout I was able to get from Karina via my iPad.  Each workout is unique, but she always works in the key foundations of Pilates. She is meticulous about form, and I swear she has the best vision of any human on this planet!  It is amazing that she can identify and correct the tiniest misalignments through a screen. My tween daughter even remarked that my “abs looked amazing!”  She was right, and those abs are all because of Karina.

I eventually had to return the reformer to the studio and I was thinking that I would not get as rigorous of a workout just doing mat sessions with Karina.  I could not have been more wrong!  We’ve been doing twice-weekly mat sessions for the last 9 months, and Karina continues to challenge me in the best ways.  She is creative and engaging.  She is part trainer, part therapist, part cheerleader.  She is extremely talented at tailoring our sessions to directly target any aches, pains, or issues that I may be feeling on a given day.  Her cues and corrections are clear and spot-on.  At the end of our sessions I feel accomplished, strong, and clear-headed.  Karina is simply the best in every possible way.

—C. Hufft

Since my breast cancer diagnosis in 2008, I have used Pilates to restore and recover. I had been searching for a more personalized experience since I fell in love with Pilates. I found that personalization during my time with Karina.

Karina knows exactly what I need in our daily sessions. Virtually, we meet a few times weekly and I am amazed how much she can tweak and improve without being in the same room. I have seen a drastic improvement in my fitness, form and recovery.

I am amazed how quickly our sessions fly by. We work hard and have a little fun too.  Karina is a joy to work with and I am grateful for our time together weekly. 

—Tara M


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